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Alfred H. Stone Collection Code Lookup
13A United States. -- Constitution. -- 13th Amendment
14A United States. -- Constitution. -- 14th Amendment
15A United States. -- Constitution. -- 15th Amendment
19A United States. -- Constitution. -- 19th Amendment
AAA African American suthors
AAB African American banks
AAC African American churches
AAF African American football players
AAH African Americans -- History
AAM African American missionaries
AAN African American nurses
AAP African American periodicals
AAS African Americans -- Statistics
AAT African American teachers
ABE African American business enterprises
ABO Abolitionists
ABP American Baptist Publication Society
ABS American Bible Society
ACA American Canoe Association
ACF Adams, Charles Francis, -- 1835-1915
ACH African American children
ACL African American clergy
ACR African American criminals
ACS American Colonization Society
ACU African American unversities and colleges
ADA Adams, John Quincy, -- 1767-1848
ADD Addicks, John Edward -- d1841-
AED African Americans -- Education
AEM African Americans -- Employment
AFA African American farmers
AFC American Freedmen's Aid Commission
AFK Afrikaners
AFR Africa
AGR Agriculture
AHP African American homeless persons
AIN African American inventors
ALA African American lawyers
ALB Alberti, George F.
ALE African American leadership
ALI Aliens -- United States
ALM Almanacs
ALS African Americans -- Legal status, laws, etc.
AMA American Missionary Association
AME African Methodist Episcopal Church
AMH African Americans -- Mental health
AMN Amnesty
AMO African Americans -- Mortality
AMP American Party
AMS Ames, Adelbert, -- 1835-1933
AMU African American musicians
ANA Anthropometry
ANC Antarctic region
ANR Anthropology
ANT Antislavery movements
APH African American physicians
APP Appellate procedure
APR African American pharmacologists
ARC Architecture -- United States -- Georgia
ARG Argentina
ARI African Americans -- Race identity
ART Arctic regions
ASA African American sailors
ASB Antislavery movements -- Bibliography
ASF African Americans -- Suffrage
ASG African American singers
ASH Ashanti (African people)
ASI Asian Americans
ASL African American slaveholders
ASO African Americans -- Social conditions
ASS American Anti-Slavery Society
AST African American students
ATG Antigua
ATL Antilles, Lesser
ATR United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Atrocities
ATS American Tract Society
AUA Aboriginal Australians
AUB Australian ballot
AUS Australia
AWA African American women authors
AWD African American women -- Education.
AWE African American women -- Employment
AWL African American women in literature
AWO African American women
AZT Aztecs
BAC Banks, Charles Edward, -- 1854-1931
BAN Banneker, Benjamin, -- 1731-1806
BAP Baptists, Black
BAR Barbados
BCC Burleigh, Celia, -- 1825-1875
BCG Belgian Congo
BCO Black codes
BEN Benin
BER Bermuda Islands
BHO Housing -- Maryland -- Baltimore
BIA Australia -- Bibliography
BIC Cuba -- Bibliography
BIF Florida -- Bibliography
BIG Georgia$vBibliography
BIS Bible -- Study and teaching
BLA Black race
BNP Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss, -- 1816-1894
BOE South African War, 1899-1902
BOT Botswana
BRA Brazil
BRO Brown, John, -- 1800-1859
BRU Bruce, Robert Conkling, -- 1879-1950
BSA Benson, Stephen Allen, -- b. 1816
BSS Southern States -- Bibliography
BTU Bantu languages
BTX Brownsville (Tex.) -- Riot, 1906
BUC Buchan, John, -- 1875-1940
BUR Burr, Aaron, -- 1756-1836
BUS Business
BWE Benson, William Edmunds
BWI West Indies, British
BWW Brown, William Welles, -- 1815-1884
C50 Compromise of 1850
CAF Africa, Central -- Description and travel
CAH Colquitt, Alfred Holt, -- 1829-1894
CAL Calhoun, John C. -- (John Caldwell), -- 1782-1850
CAM Central America
CAN Canada
CAP Capital punishment
CAR Caribbean area
CAT Catalogs, School
CCA Clay, Cassius Marcellus, -- 1810-1903
CCH Catholic Church
CCO Confederate States of America -- Commerce
CEC Confederate States of America -- Economic conditions
CEN Census
CFI Confiscation -- Confederate States of America
CFR Confedrate States of America -- Foreign relations
CHA Charities
CHE Chewong (Malaysian people)
CHI Chinese
CHL Child labor
CHN China
CHU Church
CIB Cannibalism
CIM Confederate States of America -- Imprints
CIV African Americans -- Civil rights
CLA Clay, Henry, -- 1777-1852
CLI Children's literature
CLS Convict labor
CMD Conway, Moncure Daniel, -- 1832-1907
CMO Missouri compromise
COA Coal mines and mining -- United States
COB Collective behavior
COF Coffin, Levi, -- 1798-1877
COL African Americans -- Colonization
COM Commerce
CON Constitutional law
COO Cook, John E. (John Edwin), -- 1830-1859
COP Corporal punishment
COR Political corruption
COS Church of Scotland
COT Cotton growing
COX Cox, F. A. -- (Francis Augustus), -- 1783-1853
CPR Campbell, Prudence-
CRA Crandall, Reuben, -- 1805?-1838
CRE Creoles -- Lousiana
CRI Crime
CRL Carlyle, Thomas, -- 1795-1881
CRN Corn Laws (Great Britain)
CRU Colonies
CRW Corwin, Thomas, -- 1794-1865
CSM Communism
CSP Chase, Salmon Portland, -- 1808-1873
CTM Cotton manufacture
CUB Cuba
CUI Cuneiform inscriptions
CUL Cultural relations
CUR Current events
CWA United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
DAL Dicey, Albert Venn, -- 1835-1922
DAV Davis, Jefferson, -- 1808-1889
DEB Debts, public
DEM Democratic Party
DEN Dentistry -- History
DEV Devotional literature
DFR Draft Riot, New York, N.Y., 1863
DFT Draft
DIA Diamond mines and mining -- South Africa
DIC Dickens, Charles, -- 1812-1870
DIG Discoveries in geography
DIR Directories
DIX Dixon, Thomas, -- 1864-1946
DMG Demography
DOC Democracy
DOM Dominican Republic
DOR Dorr Rebellion, 1842
DOU Douglas, Frederick, 1818-1895
DRA Draper, John William, -- 1811-1882
DUB Du Bois, W. E. B. -- (William Edward Burghardt), -- 1868-1963
DUN Dunbar, Paul Lawrence, -- 1872-1906
ECO Economics
EDU Education
EFR Educational fund raising
EGY Egypt
ELE Electoral college
ELF Election fraud
EMI Emigration and immigration
ENO Ethnology -- Ethiopia
EPI Episcopal Church
ETH Ethiopia
EUG Eugenics
EVO Evolution
EXT Slavery -- United States -- Extension to the territories
FAM Family
FAR Farm mechanization
FEA Fetishism -- Africa
FEH Fetishism -- Haiti
FEU Fetishism -- United States
FEW Fetishism -- West Indies
FIN Finance
FJC Fremont, John Charles, -- 1813-1890
FLA Florida
FMC Free Blacks
FOL Folklore -- Africa
FOO Foot washing (Rite)
FOR Fortune, Timothy Thomas, -- 1856-1928
FOT Forten, James, -- 1766-1842
FRA Fraternal organizations
FRE Freedmen
FRK Franklin, Benjamin, -- 1706-1790
FRM Freemasons
FRN France
FRS Freeman, Samuel, -- 1780?-1805
FUG Fugitive slaves
GAG Gag rule -- United States -- 1836-1844
GAM Gambia
GAR Garrison, William Lloyd, -- 1805-1879
GBN Great Britain. -- Navy
GEH George, Henry.$d1839-1897
GEO Geography
GER Germany
GES Grogan, Ewart Scott -- 1874-1967
GG0 United States -- Congress -- Freedom of debate
GG1 Petition, Right of -- United States -- Speeches in Congress
GHA Ghana
GIA Georgia
GLD Gold standard
GMD Gerrymandering
GOL Gold mines and mining
GRA Grant, Ulysses S. -- Ulysses Simpson), -- 1822-1885
GRE Greeley, Horace, -- 1811-1872
GRI Geriatrics
GRO Groves, Junius G., -- 1859-1925
GST Geography -- Study and Teaching
GUI Guinea
HAB Habeas corpus
HAD Hand, Daniel, -- 1801-1891
HAI Haiti
HAM Hampton, Wade, -- 1818-1902
HAN Hancock, Winfield Scott, -- 1824-1886
HAR Hart, Albert Bushnell, -- 1854-1943
HAS Harrison, Samuel, -- 1818-1900
HAW Hawaii
HAY Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, -- 1822-1893
HER Hereaux, Ulises (Lilis), -- 1846?-1899
HFE Harper, Frances Ellen Watkins, -- 1825-1911
HIS Historiography
HOL Holidays
HOO Hookworm disease
HOS Houston, Sam, -- 1793-1863
HOU Older African Americans -- Housing
HOW Howard, Oliver Otis, -- 1830-1909
HUB Hubbard, William Peyton, -- 1842-1935
HUG Hugo, Victor, -- 1802-1885
HUM Hunting and fishing clubs -- Massachusetts
HUS Hunting and fishing clubs -- South Carolina
HUT Hunter, David, -- 1802-1886
ICA Indian captives
IDU Industrialization -- Southern States
IDZ Industrialization
IMM Immigrants
IND Indians of North America
ING Indians of North American -- Government relations
INS Indians of North America -- Social life and customs
INT Intellect
IRA Iran
ISL Islam
ITA Italians
JAC Jackson, Thomas Jonathan, -- 1824-1863
JAK Jackson, Andrew, -- 1767-1845
JAM Jamaica
JAP Japanese
JDH Juvenile detention homes
JEF Jefferson, Thomas, -- 1743-1826
JOH Johnson, Andrew, -- 1808-1875
JOU Journalism
JUS Slavery -- Justification
JZG George, J. Z., -- (James Zachariah), -- 1826-1897
KAN Kansas
KEN Kenya
KKK Ku Klux Klan (1866-1867)
KNB Kansas-Nebraska bill
KNP Know Nothing Party
LAB Labor
LAN Land tenure
LAT Latin America -- Social conditions
LAU Labor unions -- United States
LAV Lavigerie, Charles Martial Allemand, -- 1825-1892.
LAW Law and Legislation
LED Leeds Anti-slavery Association
LEE Lee, Robert E. -- (Robert Edward), -- 1807-1870
LEG Legal opinions
LIB Liberia
LIH Literature and history
LIN Lincoln, Abraham, -- 1809-1865
LIT Literature
LSD Lee, Stephen D. -- (Stephen Dill), -- 1833-1908
LYC Lynch, Charles
LYN Lynching
MAK Marshall, Charles Kimball, -- 1811-1891
MAL Malawi
MAR Martinique
MAS Massachusetts
MAU Mauritius
MAY Mayas
MCK McKinley, William, -- 1843-1901
MCS Massachusetts Colonization Society
MDL Maryland
MEC Methodist Episcopal Church
MED African Americans -- Medical care
MEN Mental illness
MEX Mexican War, 1846-1848
MIG Migration, Internal
MIK Miller, Kelly, -- 1863-1939
MIL African American solderies -- History -- 19th centry
MIS Mississippi
MIT Montgomery, Isaiah Thornton, -- 1847-1974
MIX Racially mixed people
MOD Moral development
MOR Morton, Oliver P. -- (Oliver Perry), -- 1823-1877
MOS Mortality -- Statistics
MOU Mound Bayou (Miss.)
MOZ Mozambique
MSG Miscegenation
MSS Missionaries
MTA Marshall, Thomas Alexander, -- 1794-1871
MUR Murphy, Edgar Gardner, -- 1869-1913
MUS African Americans -- Music
NAA National Association for the Advancement for Colored People
NAC National Association of Colored Women (U.S.)
NAT National Union Party
NBL National Negro Business League (U.S.)
NEG New Guinea
NEW New England
NEY New York
NEZ New Zealand
NIL Nile River
NIR Nigeria
NOR United States. -- Ordinance of 1787.
NSR Sectionalism (United States)
NTM Norwood, Thomas M. -- (Thomas Manson), -- 1830-1913
NUB Nubia
NUL Nullification
NWO Northwest Ordinance (1787)
OKA Oklahoma
OLM Olmstead, Frederick Law, -- 1822-1903
OPH Ophir
OPI Opium abuse
ORP Orphanages
OSB Osborn, Charles, -- 1775-1850
PAC Pacifism
PAD Parasitic diseases
PAG Politics and Government
PAL Pushkin, Aleksander Sergaits, -- 1799-1837
PAN Panama Canal
PAP Parliamentary practice
PAR Parker, Joel, -- 1795-1875
PAT Patriotism
PCG Penal colonies -- Great Britain
PCS Military pensions -- Confederate States of America
PEN Pensions
PEO Peonage
PET Petition, Right of
PHI Philippines
PHL Phillips, Wendell, -- 1811-1884
PHR Phrenology
PIL Pillories
PIN Pinckney, Henry Laurens, -- 1794-1863
PJK Polk, James K. -- (James Knox), -- 1795-1849
PLE Political leadership
PLL Personal liberty laws
PLS Political science -- Bibliography
POL Politics and culture
POR Porter, Fitz-John, -- 1822-1901
POV Poverty
PRC Puerto Rico
PRE Presbyterian Church
PRH Prisoners -- Health and hygiene
PRI Primaries
PRM Prisoners -- Mortality
PRO Profiteering
PRS Prisoners
PSM Paternalism -- Southern States
PSP Public speaking
PSY Psychiatry
PTI Pettiford, W. R., -- b. 1847
PTX Poll tax
PUB Public works
PUD Public domain -- New York
PUR Puritans
PUS Military pensions -- United States
PYG Pygmies
QUI Quintard, C. T. -- (Charles Todd), -- 1824-1898
RAC Race relations
RAP Rape
RAS Racism
REC Reconstruction
REF Referendum
REG Regression (Civilization)
REI Reid, George Archdall O.Brien, -- Sir, -- 1860-1929
REL Religion and politics
REP Republican Party
REV United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783
RHI Rhode Island
RHO Rhodes, Cecil, -- 1853-1902
RIC Rice, John Holt, -- 1777-1831
RIF Rice farming
RIG Riots -- Georgia -- Atlanta
RIH Riots -- United States -- History
RII Riots -- Indiana -- Evansville
RIL Riots -- Louisian -- New Orleans
RIM Riots -- Massachusetts -- Boston
RIN Riots -- New York (State) -- New York
RIO Riots
RIS Riots -- South Carolina -- Hamburgh
RIT Riots -- Texas -- Brownsfield
RIU Riots -- United States -- 19th century
RMC Riots -- Mississippi -- Clinton
RMV Riots -- Mississippi -- Vicksburg
ROC Rockefeller, John D. -- (John Davison), -- 1839-1937
ROH Riots -- Ohio -- Springfield
ROO Roosevelt, Theodore, -- 1858-1919
RPA Repatriation
RPG Representative government and representation
RRB Railroad bridges
RRE Railroad engineering
RRS Railroads
SAB South Africa -- Bibliography
SAF South Africa
SAM South America -- Description and travel
SAN Semantics, Historical
SAW Spanish-American War, 1898
SBS Slave bills of sale
SCA South Carolina
SCH Schweinfurth, Georg August, -- 1836-1925
SCL Social classes
SCO Scott, Dred, -- 1809-1858 -- Trials, litigation, etc.
SCU Slavery and the church
SDA Social Darwinism
SDH Strother, David Hunter, -- 1816-1888
SDT Southern States -- Description and travel
SEC Secession
SEG Segregation
SEM Slaves -- Emancipation
SEN Southern States -- Economic conditions
SEW Seward, William H Henry, -- 1801-1872
SHA Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616
SHE Sherman, William T. -- (William Tecumseh), -- 1820-1890
SIE Sierra Leone
SIN Sinclair, Upton Beall, -- 1878-1968
SJF Stevens, John Frank, -- 1853-1943
SLA Slavery
SLH Slaveholders
SLI Slavery -- Insurrections, etc.
SLS Slaves -- Social conditions
SLT Slave trade
SLW Slaves' writings, American
SMA Smalls, Robert, -- 1839-1915
SMR Sugar -- Manufacturing and refining
SOC Social change -- United States
SOF Society of Friends
SPG Social problems
SPI Society for the Protection of Italian Immigrants
SPR Southern States -- Propaganda
SPT Spiritualism
SRR Starr, Frederick, -- 1858-1933
SSA Southern States -- History -- 1775-1865
SSE Social services
SSL Southern States -- Social life and customs
SSN Southern States -- History -- 1865-1951
SSR Southern States -- Politics and government -- 1865-1950
STA Stanley, Henry M. -- (Henry Morton), -- 1841-1904
STE Stereotype (Psychology)
STO Stowe, Harriett Beecher, -- 1811-1896
STP Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, -- 1812-1883
STR State Rights
SUF Suffrage
SUG Sugar growing
SUM Sumner, Charles, -- 1811-1874
SUN Sunday schools
SUR Surinam
TAF Taft, William H. -- (William Howard), -- 1857-1903
TAR Tariff
TAX Taxation
TBR Tillman, Benjamin R. -- (Benjamin Ryan), -- 1847-1918
TEA Tea plantation workers
TEX Texas
THA Thayer, Eli, -- 1819-1899
THO Thomas, William Hannibal, -- b. 1843
TIL Tilden, Samuel J. -- (Samuel Jones), -- 1814-1886
TON Tonkawa Indians
TOR Tourgee, Albion Winegar, -- 1838-1905
TOS Toussaint Louverture, -- 1743?-1803
TOU Tourism
TRA Description and travel
TRO Tropical crops
TRU Truth, Sojourner, -- d. 1883
TUR Turner, Nat, -- 1800?-1831
TWE Tweed Ring
UAC Universities and colleges
UCA United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Causes
UCH Unitarianism
UEC United States -- Economic conditions
UFI United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Finance
UFR United States -- Foreign relations
UGA Uganda
UIP United States -- Insular possessions
UNA United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Naval operations
UND Underground railroad
UNI Unionists (United States Civil War)
UPE United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Peace
UPG United States -- Politics and government
UPR United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Prisoners and prisons
URA United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Religious aspects
US1 United States -- History -- 1815-1861
US5 United States -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775
US8 United States -- History -- 1865-1898
USC United States -- Social conditions
USE United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sermons
USM United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Songs and music
USU United States. -- Supreme Court
VAN Van Buren, Martin, -- 1782-1862
VAR Vardaman, James Kimble, -- 1861-1930
VCS Veterans -- Confederate States of America
VEN Venezuela
VIO Violence
VIR Virginia
VIT Venice (Italy)
VOC African Americans -- Vocational education
VOT Voting
VUS Veterans -- United States
W12 United States -- History -- War of 1812
WAB Women -- Abolitionists
WAG Washington, George, -- 1732-1799
WAJ Walker, Jonathan, -- 1799-1878
WAL Walker, T. W., -- b. 1852
WAS Washington, Booker T., -- 1856-1915
WEB Webster, Daniel, -- 1872-1852
WED Women -- Education
WEM Women -- Employment
WEP United States Military Academy
WHI White supremacy movements
WHS Women -- History
WHT Whittier, John Greenleaf,$d1807-1892
WIK Wilkeson, Samuel,$d1781-1848
WIL Wilberforce, William,$d1759-1833
WIS Wilson, James, -- 1742-1798
WJC Whittaker, Johnson Chesnut,$d1858-1931
WME Women in medicine
WOR World politics
WRI Women's rights
WRK Working class
WSC Women -- Societies and clubs
WSF Women -- Suffrage
WVA West Virginia
XEN Xenophobia
YOR Yoruba (African people)
ZAM Zambia
ZAN Zanzibar
ZIM Zimbabwe
ZUL Zulu (African people)