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Stone Collection: Volume 98 - Item 19
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 98

[19.] J. Max Barber, (ed.), Voice of the Negro: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine 3 (November 1906): 454-528.

Whole issue of an African American periodical containing articles, poetry, columns, editorials, and advertisements. The feature article in this issue is “The Atlanta Tragedy” by J. Max Barber. The article memorializes a race riot on September 22, 1906, in which over a hundred African Americans were killed or wounded by a white mob. Mr. Stone has marked these passages from points summarized at the end of the article. “The Negro has no monopoly on rape. Many reported cases are fakes. Some are by white men disguised as Negroes. Some are cases of mutual consent. Only a small per cent are genuine” (Mr. Stone’s emphasis), and “The South desires to go back to a period of semi-slavery for the Negro, and bound up with this aspiration is the desire to dictate the Negro policy to the nation.”