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Stone Collection: Volume 96 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 96

7. Philip C. Friese, To the Honorable the General Assembly of Maryland (N.p., [1870?]). (2 p.)

Open letter railing against the “so-called Reconstruction Acts and the 15th Amendment of the Constitution.” The tone of the piece can be weighed in the following excerpt. “The sheer folly and unmitigated wickedness of the Radical negro policy, ultimating in negro suffrage, worthless to the negroes and an outrage to the whites—the utter inadequacy of its proposed means to it s avowed ends—lead to a grave suspicion that this policy is really a scheme for Northern Secession from the South; a scheme to degrade Southern white men by political association with negroes; to make mongrels of the Southern States; to case them off as unworthy; to invade them, and finally, to confiscate both black and white property.”