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Stone Collection: Volume 91 - Item 33
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 91

33. A Member of the Philadelphia Bar, A History of the Trial of Castner Hanway and Others, for Treason, at Philadelphia in November, 1851. With an Introduction upon the History of the Slave Question (Philadelphia: Uriah Hunt & Sons, 1852). (86 p.)

Account of a trial in which a white citizen was charged with assisting a group of African American men who were resisting the attempt of a slave owner from Maryland to locate several fugitive slaves near Christina, Pennsylvania. The slave owner, Edward Gorsuch, was killed in the melee. A jury acquitted the citizen, Castner Hanway, after deliberating for approximately ten minutes. The first half of this pamphlet consists of an essay entitled “Slavery as a National Question.” Both the essay and the account of the trial are anti-slavery in tone.