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Stone Collection: Volume 91 - Item 2
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 91

2. Correspondence between Mr. Webster and Lord Ashburton: 1. On McLeod’s Case; 2. On the Creole Case; 3. On the Subject of Impressment (N.p., [1842?]). (32 p.)

Letters exchanged between the U.S. Secretary of State (Webster) and the British Foreign Secretary (Ashburton) regarding three issues; 1) a dispute with Britain over the U.S. border with Canada and American support of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, 2) the mutiny of 135 slaves on the slave ship Creole and their subsequent release by British authorities in the Bahamas, and 3) the impressment of American sailors by British warships. (The Webster-Ashburton Treaty signed on August 9, 1842, in which questions involving the Canadian-U.S. border were resolved, eased tensions between the two countries.)