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Stone Collection: Volume 89 - Item 22
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 89

22. The Colored American Magazine 13 (September 1907): 167-236.

Whole issue of a monthly magazine for African Americans. This issue contains an article entitled “It Is Our Conduct that Hurts Us and Not What Ben Tillman Says,” reprinted from the Atlanta Independent. “If the race would give half the time to the development of a useful and helpful racial character that it spends in chasing the theoretical and the superficial, our problems would largely disappear.” Along the same lines, the author makes this observation. “Legislation did not make the white man. The white man made legislation. It will neither make nor unmake us. If the stuff is in the man, legislation can either help or stunt our growth, but in neither case can its effect stand against our intrinsic worth.”