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Stone Collection: Volume 89 - Item 21
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 89

21. The Colored American Magazine 13 (August 1907): 87-154.

Whole issue of a monthly magazine for African Americans. This article contains an article entitled “Training of the Negro Laborer in the North,” which Mr. Stone has marked extensively, including this passage on slavery. “Our introduction to continuous work was in slavery in the Southern states. The climate was similar to that of Africa, vegetation was similar. This condition permitted us to pass somewhat gradually from the work of gathering wild products to the work of cultivating these products. The reaction from the work in slavery produced the natural results, as benumbing and degrading as the system was. During slavery the mental element was a minimum and the moral element was present in precept only. I have no excuse to offer for slavery; nevertheless, it has brought us into contact with a more advanced race, and whatever of civilization and development we now possess came to us by means of it. The blessings to Israel in Egypt were mightier than the hardships endured, and I am persuaded that we shall, by and by, acknowledge the same concerning our bondage in this country.