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Stone Collection: Volume 89 - Item 20
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 89

20. The Colored American Magazine 13 (July 1907): 1-74.

Whole issue of a monthly magazine for African Americans. Someone, possibly Mr. Stone, has noted an article entitled “Increase of Crime among Negroes” by James Samuel Stemons, which has been reprinted from the May 10 issue of Philadelphia Ledger. The author discusses the possible causes of an increase in the rate of black crime and reaches this conclusion. “That the late tendency of Negroes to criminality may be partly due to cumulative, uncongenial, and inharmonious conditions which have beset them since their emancipation, and not solely or even largely to their education, lack of education, racial inferiority or inborn depravity, is a fact which seems entirely ignored by those who are loudest in lamenting the criminal tendency of the race.”