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Stone Collection: Volume 87 - Item 4
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 87

4. The Colored American Magazine 4 (February 1902): 161-240.

Whole issue of “an illustrated monthly, devoted to literature, science, music, art, religion, facts, fiction and traditions of the Negro race.” The magazine is illustrated with photographs and displays advertisements in the front and back. This issue has a biographical sketch entitled “Timothy Thomas Fortune. Journalist, Author, Lecturer, Agitator” by Cyrus Field Adams. Someone, possibly Mr. Stone, has marked this following passage. “Emanuel Fortune [T. Thomas Fortune’s father] was a remarkably fine shot and practiced target shooting regularly, with pistol and rifle. Everybody in Jackson county [Florida] not only knew that he was a dead shot, but that he would shoot. That is not a bad reputation for an Afro-American to have in the South even at this time” (emphasis in original).