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Stone Collection: Volume 87 - Item 10
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 87

10. The Colored American Magazine 5 (September 1902): 321-400.

Whole issue of “an illustrated monthly, devoted to literature, science, music, art, religion, facts, fiction and traditions of the Negro race.” The magazine is illustrated with photographs and displays advertisements in the front and back. John Mitchell, editor of the Richmond Planet, has contributed an article to this issue entitled “Shall the Wheels of Race Agitation Be Stopped?” He answer is no, “Not while the evidences remain that this race-agitation has done so much good in imbuing a few African Americans with manhood. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an inherent one. The man who defends that right to the death is a hero. The man who yields it up without a struggle is a coward. The latter, whether white or black, is not popular in this country at the present time.” Someone has marked the next sentence for emphasis. “We have produced a Bob Brewer in Georgia, a Robert Charles in Louisiana and a Will Henderson in Alabama, and we have hopes of having similar exhibitions of courage in all of the Southern states.”