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Stone Collection: Volume 86 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 86

7. The Colored American Magazine 2 (March 1901): 321-400.

Whole issue of “an illustrated monthly, devoted to literature, science, music, art, religion, facts, fiction and traditions of the Negro race.” The magazine is illustrated with photographs and displays advertisements in the front and back. A photograph of the Excelsior Band from Norfolk, Virginia, appears on page 369. It is described as composed of working men who find time to rehearse. “They are very popular, and are favored with many engagements by the better element of white citizens.” Twenty-five in number, the Excelsior Band has “for their mascot a white man familiarly known as ‘Smalley,’ who would feel slighted if on parade days he was left behind.” The band also serenaded John Philip Sousa when he visited Norfolk.