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Stone Collection: Volume 84 - Item 4
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 84

4. C. A. Woods, “Lawlessness and Patriotism,” & Moorefield Storey, “What Shall We Do with Our Dependencies,” Transactions of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Bar Association, January 15-16, 1903 (Columbia, SC: R. L. Bryan Co., 1903), 69-86, 87-149, respectively.

Two papers delivered at an annual meeting of the South Carolina Bar Association. The first deals with lynching and its deleterious effect on the rule of law. The speaker concludes his address with these sentiments. “Unless the laws of democracy stand in majesty and power, neither will democracy itself stand. The people who are unwilling to obey the laws they themselves make and who do not enforce them by a pervading public sentiment as well as legal process against the excited mob or the deliberate conspirator, will surely in the long run drop out of the march of the nations toward higher character and achievement.” The second paper concerns the constitutional status of territories acquired by the United States as a result of the Spanish-American War.