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Stone Collection: Volume 84 - Item 29
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 84

29. H. T. P., “Here and There: The Booker T. Washington Episode,” Bookman 14 (December 1901): 413-16.

Editorial criticizing President Theodore Roosevelt for issuing, and Booker T. Washington for accepting, an invitation to dine at the White House. In regard to Washington’s error, the editor has this to say. “By his tact and self-effacement he had won the good-will of the whites; and in consequence it seemed as though he had discovered the true solution of the problem from the Civil War, and lurking as a perpetual menace to prosperity and order. Now, in an hour, he has partially undone the work of a decade, and has wrought more injury to a noble cause than he can make good in many a year. As was true of President Roosevelt, Mr. Washington had nothing to gain but very much to lose.”