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Stone Collection: Volume 83 - Item 86
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 83

86. H. J. Wilson, “The Negro and Music,” Outlook (December 1, 1906): 823-26.

Suggestion that music written and performed by African Americans may serve as an avenue for improving race relations. The music and words for “Let My People Go” are printed on page 824. The author concludes with these thoughts. “Surely the best results may be expected when that genius shall arise who, while feeling the full value to the negro of the more conservative, finely tempered, and intellectual music of the white man, will yet give recognition to the unique musical æstheticism of the black man; and from his native song, and in accordance with his racial potentiality, evolve that music which shall spiritualize the negro’s emotionalism, train his mind, and preserve artistically his individuality.” (Ray Charles was born on September 23, 1930.)