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Stone Collection: Volume 83 - Item 84
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 83

84. A. J. McKelway, Carrie W. Clifford, and Edward T. Ware, “The Atlanta Riots: I.—A Southern White Point of View, II.--A Northern Black Point of View, & III.—From the Point of View of a Missionary College,” Outlook (November 3, 1906): 557-66.

Three reactions to the Atlanta Race Riot on September 22, 1906. The first, by a white Southern man, blames a series of African American assaults on white women leading up to the riot as the primary cause. The second, by a black Northern woman, declares that hypocrisy prevents white Southerners from understanding the degree to which white assaults on African Americans is the cause. The third reaction, by black academic at Atlanta University, blames the lifestyle of uneducated African Americans for the crimes that instigated white people to riot.