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Stone Collection: Volume 80 - Item 26
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 80

26. James S. Metcalfe, “The American Slave,” Pearson’s Magazine (October, November, December 1900 & January 1901): 297-305, 474-82, 704-12, 121-30, respectively.

Story of slavery in the United States in four parts. The parts are entitled 1) “From Freedom to Slavery,” 2) “The Life of the Slave,” 3) “The Fugitive Slave,” 4) “From Slavery to Freedom.” All four parts are illustrated with full-page half-tones. The article ends with this summation. “We have followed the slave from Africa to America between decks of a slave ship, through the horrors of the Middle Passage, and down to the day when the American people sought to right the wrongs they had visited on his race by giving him not only freedom, but a freeman’s share in government of our country. Nor have the American people stopped there in their generous atonement.” Mr. Stone has written a footnote to this passage at the bottom of the page, stating “A queer but common conception of the end & consummation of it all.”