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Stone Collection: Volume 7 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 7

7. National Union Club, Speeches of Hon. Edgar Cowan, of Pennsylvania; Hon. James R. Doolittle, of Wisconsin; Hon. Hugh McCulloch, Secretary of the Treasury; Letter of Hon. O. H. Browning, of Illinois; and an Address by a Member of the Club; also, the Condition of the South; a Report of Special Commissioner B. F. Truman (Washington, DC: Daily National Republican, 1866). (32 p.)

Four speeches, a letter, and a report, all sympathetic to the platform on the National Union Club. The Club’s platform consisted of eleven planks that, among other things, condemned secession and endorsed the Reconstruction policies of President Andrew Johnson. Other planks, however, reasserted the sanctity of states rights, including the right for individual states to maintain the institution of slavery.