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Stone Collection: Volume 7 - Item 6
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 7

6. Rutter’s Political Quarterly: July Number (Memphis, TN: [American News Co.], 1870). (56 p.)

Monograph “devoted to unearthing the sanctimonious political rats of the South, exposing radical scalawags & carpetbaggers, [with] biographical sketches of the Reconstruction destructionists, with pleasing pictures behind the scenes in the Reconstruction conspiracy, with a refreshing history of the Radical ‘frauds’ & ‘dead-beats’ in the South, and their connection with the government tinkers at Washington.” The monograph also contains ten pages of advertisements for books, sewing machines, and safes, including a book entitled The Use of Tobacco: And the Evils, Physical, Mental, Moral, Social, Resulting Therefrom.