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Stone Collection: Volume 79 - Item 67
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 79

67. Henry Gannett, “The New Constitutional Apportionment,” Forum (January 1901): 568-77.

Estimate of each state’s representation in Congress based on the census of 1900 and taking into account three classes of residents that should be excluded from the population to be represented: Indians not taxed, aliens (i.e., immigrants who are not citizens of the United States), and illiterates (i.e., African Americans disfranchised in the Southern states). Taking these exclusions into account, Mississippi would loose half of her representatives (8 to 4). South Carolina and Louisiana would loose seats as well (each with 7 to loose 2 and 3, respectively). Massachusetts, New York, and California would also loose representatives (2, 2, and 1, respectively) due to the large number of immigrants who live on those states. Tables provide the population figures for each state and the congressional seats for those states based on several methods for calculating the number.