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Stone Collection: Volume 78 - Item 28
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 78

28. W. Cabell Bruce, “Lynch Law in the South,” North American Review (September 1892): 379-81.

Defense of lynching in the South based on the allegation that African American males are raping white women “almost with the regularity of the morning newspaper!” “If lynching is more prevalent in the South than elsewhere, it is because the negro population of the Union is congested in the South mainly, and because, in the last year or so, the negro thee has violated the chastity of white women with such appalling frequency, and under circumstances so unutterably shocking to human nature, that the white race there has been goaded into a degree of excited feeling for which no occasion has existed in other parts of the Union.” (The collection has another copy of this article in volume 20 [no. 38].)