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Stone Collection: Volume 75 - Item 21
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 75

21. Robert F. Campbell, Some Aspects of the Race Problem in the South, 2nd ed. (Ashville, NC: The Citizen Co., 1899). (24 p.)

Assessment of the origins of the racial conflict in the South with a burden of the guilt being placed on African Americans. “Wherein lie the causes if this appalling increase in immorality and crime [among African Americas]?” The author identifies three causes; 1) “the sudden and violent removal of the restraints put upon the negro by slavery and his elevation to a position for which he was not prepared,” 2) “the all too common resort to lynching instead of to law, as a corrective of crime,” and 3) “the comparative indifference of the white Christians of the South to the religious interests of these people since the civil war.” (The collection has two additional copies of the essay in volumes 28 [no. 9] and 74 [no. 28].)