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Stone Collection: Volume 74 - Item 9
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 74

9. B. F. Ward, The Truth Regarding the South—Its People and Conditions (Greenwood, MS: Commonwealth Print, [1901]) (25 p.) BRITTLE

Reprint of two articles by a Southern physician articulating white supremacist beliefs. The first defends lynching, which the author excuses as “avenging beastly crimes by lawless destruction of beastly criminals.” He goes on to observe that “the negro is the only type of the human race always and absolutely devoid of any native or inherent element of moral and intellectual growth.” The second article is a response to an article in the Century magazine by Wilber Fisk Tillett entitled “The White Man of the New South.” The author is offended by Professor Tillett’s criticism of slavery as a viable economic system and warns parents of students studying at Southern Universities to be careful about sending “where children are to be taught to forget history and to blush for the character and the deeds of their ancestors.” The preface of this pamphlet was written by James K. Vardaman.