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Stone Collection: Volume 74 - Item 8
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 74

8. Hernando D. Money, Assault upon Mississippi Repelled. Speech of Hon. Hernando D. Money, of Mississippi, in the Senate of the United States, Thursday, May 8, 1902 (Washington, DC: n.p., 1902). (16 p.)

Speech objecting to language on the floor of the Senate that Senator Money deemed as being uncomplimentary to the State of Mississippi. The remarks occurred during a debate on the passage of a bill regarding the administration of the Philippine Islands, which had been ceded to the United States following the Spanish-American War. The question was whether rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution should be extended to residents of the Philippine Islands, a concept that some Senators attempted to block through the introduction of a substitute bill. The remark to which Senator Money objected was as follows. “It is safe to predict that most of the votes for this substitute will come from States where consent of the governed is least practiced, where the Constitution is nullified more and more.”