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Stone Collection: Volume 74 - Item 6
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 74

6. Andrew F. Fox, The Right of Suffrage and Representation in Mississippi. Speech of Hon. Andrew F. Fox, of Mississippi, in the House of Representatives, Thursday, April 24, 1902 (N.p., [1902?]). (16 p.)

Speech defending clauses in the 1890 Mississippi constitution that could be used preferentially to disfranchise African Americans. The speaker concludes his speech by making reference to the recent passage of a bill that limited the immigration of persons from China to the United States. “Now, what I want to ask in all fairness is, that if it is right to exclude not only from citizenship, but even from temporary residence in this country, these Chinese, on order to protect the civilization of California and Oregon, how much more justifiable is it to exclude from the right to vote, from the mighty and I might almost say the almighty power of the ballot, the governing power, those who have no qualifications for it, the ignorant and the criminal, in order to protect the civilization of Massachusetts and Mississippi? [Applause on the Democratic side.]”