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Stone Collection: Volume 74 - Item 30
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 74

30. J. L. Tucker, The Relations of the Church to the Colored Race. Speech of the Rev. J. L. Tucker, D. D., of Jackson, Mississippi, before the Church Congress, Held in Richmond, Va., on the 24-27 Oct. 1882 (Jackson, MS: Charles Winkley, 1882). (91 p.)

Sermon arguing that the church must provide former slaves with training in Christian morals so they can be sent back to Africa. “It seems to me, looking back and looking forward, that God ordered this thing of slavery in order to bring a great body of the African race, in the only way possible, through many troubles, to a civilization and a Christianity, which they can carry by colonization back to Africa itself, in a mighty movement, when, by and by, God shall see that the time has come.” The first 28 pages of the monograph are taken up with the sermon. The last 63 pages consist of endorsements written by clergymen throughout the South who have read the sermon, as well as at least one letter from a missionary in West Africa.