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Stone Collection: Volume 74 - Item 19
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 74

19. S[almon] P. Chase, Union and Freedom, without Compromise. Speech of Hon. S. P. Chase, of Ohio, on Mr. Clay’s Compromise Resolutions, Delivered in the United States Senate, March 26 and 27, 1850 (Boston: Redding & Co., 1850). (20 p.)

Speech opposing the extension of slavery in the western territories but accepting it where it already exists. “We [Congress] have no power to legislate on the subject of slavery in the States. We have power to prevent its extension, and to prohibit its existence within the sphere of the exclusive jurisdiction of the General Government. Our duty, therefore, is to abstain from interference with it in the States. It is also our duty to prohibit its extension into national territories, and its continuance where we are constitutionally responsible for its existence [District of Columbia].” An advertisement for the Boston Daily Evening Traveller appears inside the back cover.