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Stone Collection: Volume 73 - Item 25
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 73

25. C[harles] B. Galloway, “The Rev. C. K. Marshall, D.D.,” Quarterly Review (July 1891): 375-94; reprint.

Biographical sketch of Rev. Charles Kimball Marshall, a churchman known throughout the South for his philanthropic work, such as the provision of artificial limbs to Confederate veterans after the Civil War. Rev. Marshall also attempted to create educational opportunities for freedmen, as this excerpt from a latter he wrote that appeared in the Jackson [Mississippi] Daily Clarion on December 16, 1866, indicates. “The education of the freedmen’s children in the common branches of learning taught in our schools is unquestionably a duty we owe alike to ourselves and them. I am deeply and painfully impressed with the disabilities under which thousands of the poor white children of our commonwealth suffer for want of schooling. Neither class should be overlooked. True philanthropy must clear its path of every obstacle in the way of its proper work and move steadily forward in its accomplishment till all classes rejoice in the blessings of its mission.”