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Stone Collection: Volume 73 - Item 23
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 73

23. Joseph M. Rogers, “The Negro as a Slave and a Freeman: First Paper—The Slave,” Century (?): 224-30.

History of slavery in the United States from both an economic and political perspective. The author begins with this introductory remark. “Now that Slavery has been forever abolished in this country, there is no reason why we should not look at the subject dispassionately and consider it in its more important details. . . . There will be found few persons now who will defend human slavery, but we must not forget that a generation ago there were several millions of people in this country who not only defended it but claimed the authority of God for so doing. They must have had some reasons for this, and though we now believe their reasons were bad, we can at least, respect the opinions of people who fought so long to establish a government on ‘the cornerstone of slavery.’”