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Stone Collection: Volume 71 - Item 2
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 71

2. Merchant of Philadelphia, The End of the Irrepressible Conflict (Philadelphia: Kind & Baird, 1860). (47 p.)

Defense of slavery, especially the extension of slavery into western territories. The essay is presented as a response to a speech delivered by Senator William H. Seward at Detroit, Michigan, in which Senator Seward explains the slavery plank in the platform of the Republican Party. “. . . slavery is and must be only a purely local, temporary, and exceptional institution, confined within the slave States where it already exists, while freedom is the general, normal, enduring, and permanent condition of society with the jurisdiction, and under the authority, of the Constitution of the United States.” (The collection has another copy of the pamphlet in volume 40 [no. 11].)