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Stone Collection: Volume 70 - Item 12
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 70

12. “Negro Slavery.—No. I-VI, VIII, X-XII” Christian Observer (September, October, November, & December 1823; February, April, June, August, & September 1824): 542-51, 617-23, 684-91, 760-68, 87-94, 217-26, 352-60, 479-87, 543-48.

Incomplete series of twelve articles on slavery. (The collection has ten of the twelve.) Topics of the articles in the collection deal with slavery in British Guiana [sic] (now Guyana) and the United States, the effects of manumission, the causes of insurrection in Demerara, [British Guiana,] an account of slave insurrections in the British West Indies, the driving system [motivation] used in slavery, and a response to the argument that African slaves are better off than British peasantry.