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Stone Collection: Volume 67 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 67

1. Wm. Lloyd Garrison, Thoughts of African Colonization: Or an Impartial Exhibition of the Doctrines, Principles and Purposes of the American Colonization Society together with the Resolutions, Addresses and Remonstrances of the Free People of Color (Boston: Garrison & Knapp, 1832). (160, 76 p.)

Critique of the colonization movement in the United States, in which the author claims, among other things, that the American Colonization Society does not oppose slavery, offers apologies for slave owners, recognizes slaves as property, increases the value of slaves through its actions, and is an enemy of persons who advocate immediate abolition. The author also claims that the colonization movement endangers the well-being of free men and women of color and denies the possibility that African Americans can improve their situation in the United States. Part two of the monograph contains testimonials by free men and women of color who agree with Garrison’s point of view. (The collection has a response to this monograph [Volume 62, No. 22].)