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Stone Collection: Volume 66 - Item 3
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 66

3. Theodore Parker, The Nebraska Question. Some Thoughts on the New Assault upon Freedom in America, and the General State of the Country in Relation Thereunto, Set Forth in a Discourse Preached at the Music Hall, in Boston, on Monday, Feb. 12, 1854 (Boston: Benjamin B. Mussey, 1854). (72 p.)

Sermon claiming that the Southern States have acted in bad faith by attempting to revoke the Missouri Compromise of 1820 by endorsing the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The preacher asserts that the South continually attempts to extend slavery into territories that have already been set aside as free soil by earlier legislation. “I say the South is the enemy of the North. England is the rival of the North, a powerful rival, often dangerous; sometimes a mean and dishonorable rival. But the South is our foe,--far more dangerous, meander, and more dishonorable. England keeps treaties; the South breaks faith” (emphasis in original).