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Stone Collection: Volume 66 - Item 22
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 66

22. Josiah Quincy, Speech Delivered by Hon. Josiah Quincy, Senior, before the Whig State Convention, Assembled at the Music Hall, Boston, Aug. 16, 1854 (Boston: John Wilson & Son, 1854). (8 p.)

Speech blaming the Southern States for trying to revoke the Missouri Compromise of 1820. The speaker also blames Northern politicians for collaborating with Southerners in their effort to extend slavery into the territories. “In every step of the progress of the slave-power, they have had men of the free States as fellow workers. If the free States would regain their influence, they must cultivate a higher state of political morality among themselves. They must disgrace the doctrine, that ‘everything is fair and honorable in politics,’ and regard him who has notoriously sold himself for power and place, as a traitor to principle as well as to his country” (emphasis in original).