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Stone Collection: Volume 61 - Item 25
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 61

25. Report of the Proceedings and Views of the Taunton Union, for the Relief and Improvement of the Colored Race; Together with the Constitution of the Society, and a List of Officers, Chosen, May 1835 (Taunton, MA: Bradford & Amsbury, 1835). (15 p.)

Annual report of an anti-slavery society. Article II of the society’s constitution states, “The object of this Association being the benevolent effort to promote in all suitable and peaceable ways, the intellectual and moral elevation of the Colored Race; especially, by collecting and diffusing useful information, and exerting a kind, moral influence, to seek and apply the most judicious, and practicable means, for the final extinction of the System of Slavery in our land; it will lend its aid and influence to the ‘American Union,’ and any other Society, having for its object the same motives and principles of action, by which this association will be governed.”