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Stone Collection: Volume 59 - Item 3
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 59

3. The Results of Emancipation in the United States of America (New York: American Freedman’s Union Commission, [1866?]). (34, vi p.)

Summary of the condition and status of former slaves in the South following emancipation by a committee chaired by Salmon P. Chase, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Major General O. O. Howard also served on the committee. The committee’s report covers five general areas: 1) “a brief history of emancipation as a military and political movement,” 2) “a statement of the legal and social condition in which the negro was left by emancipation,” 3) “a description of the instrumentalities employed for the improvement of his condition;--voluntary and governmental, 4) “what has been done by these instrumentalities: 1, to provide for his physical wants, 2. to secure impartial justice, 3. to reorganize labor, 4. to provide education,” and 5) “a brief summary of the results already attainted.” Mr. Stone has marked several passages in a section dealing with labor.