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Stone Collection: Volume 58 - Item 2
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 58

2. “Emancipation and Its Results,” Papers from the Society for the Diffusion of Political Knowledge, No. 6 ([New York?]: n.p., [1863?]). (32 p.)

Anti-abolitionist essay in which the author claims that “to overthrow the present relation of the races is to injure both the white man and the negro, and to inflict a deadly blow upon the cause of humanity, civilization, and Christianity.” He predicts that emancipation will 1) increase “crime, pauperism, and vice among the freed negro” in Northern states, 2) cause former slaves to relapse into their “original savagism,” and 3) result in an economic hardship on the white working man due to the idleness of black laborers. An article dealing with the frustration planters were having with freedmen in the Department of the Gulf during the Civil War is reprinted from the New Orleans Picayune at the end of the pamphlet. (The collection has a speech by Representative Samuel S. Cox from Ohio on the floor of the House in 1862 with the same title and reaching similar conclusions in volume 62 [no. 14]. The collection also has another copy of this essay in volume 28 [no. 3].)