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Stone Collection: Volume 58 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 58

1. A Short Sketch of the Life and Services of Jonathan Walker, The Man with a Branded Hand, with a Poem by John G. Whittier and an Address by Hon. Parker Pillsbury, One of Walker’s Anti-Slavery Friends, and a Funeral Oration by Rev. F. E. Kittredge (Muskegon, MI: Chronicle Steam Printing House, 1879). (29 p.)

Eulogy for an abolitionist who at one time in his life had operated a boat along the Alabama and Florida coast to take fugitive slaves to the Bahamas, where they were free. He was captured, taken to Florida, imprisoned, convicted of slave stealing, pilloried, and had S. S. branded on his right hand before being released.