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Stone Collection: Volume 55 - Item 4
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 55

4. Thomas G. Woolfolk, Plaintiff in Error, vs. The State, Defendant in Error. Indictment for Murder in Bibb Superior Court. Verdict of Guilt. Sentence of Death. Brief of Bacon & Rutherford, Attorneys for Plaintiff in Error, Supreme Court of Georgia (N.p., ca. 1890). (130 p.)

Appeal of a murder conviction to the state supreme court in Georgia. The plaintiff was convicted of murdering nine people as they slept, including his father, Captain Richard Woolfolk. Attorneys for the plaintiff argued that he could not have killed that many people by himself and that they had been murdered by “negroes . . . who had quarreled with, and threatened Captain Woolfolk’s life.” (The plaintiff was hung on October 29, 1890, proclaiming his innocence to the last.)