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Stone Collection: Volume 53 - Item 5
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 53

5. James F. Morton, The Curse of Race Prejudice (New York: By the author, n.d.). (78 n.p.)

Condemnation of racial prejudice. “The writer has no extraordinary predilection for this particular race [the Negro], and is in no way fanatical on the subject. A protest against Negrophobia is by no means a eulogy of Negromania. These pages are simply the result of a deeply rooted conviction, founded on no small degree of study, investigation, experience and close intermingling with members of almost every conceivable race, under manifold conditions, that the spirit of racial separateness, merging swiftly into race arrogance and race hatred, is not merely indefensible in the extremest [sic] degree in its cruel injustice to weaker or less developed races, but a blighting curse to the dominant race itself; and that a highly advanced civilization is maintainable only on condition of weeding out from the minds of its constituent members every trace of this debasing mental poison.”