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Stone Collection: Volume 50 - Item 12
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 50

12. A Citizen of New England, Remarks on African Colonization and the Abolition of Slavery: In Two Parts (Windsor, VT: Richards & Tracy, 1833). (48 p.)

Response to William Lloyd Garrison’s attack on the colonization movement. Garrison had he accused leaders of colonization movement of not being “hostile” to slavery in a monograph entitled Thoughts on African Colonization. The writer argues that Garrison’s accusations are likely “to create jealously and hostility between the colored people and the whites” as well as increase the alienation of feelings between Northern and Southern sections of the country. (The collection has a copy of Garrison’s monograph in volume 67 [no. 1] and another copy of this response in volume 62 [no. 22].)