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Stone Collection: Volume 49 - Item 1
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 49

1. Miscegenation: The Theory of the Blending of the Races, Applied to the American White Man and Negro (New York: H. Dexter, Hamilton, & Co., 1864). (72 p.)

Monograph advocating the merging of the black with the white race via miscegenation. The author asserts that, physiologically, the two races are equal and that descendents of mixed racial ancestry are mentally, physically, and morally superior to the pure race types of their parents. The author foretells a future in which no one will be pure black or pure white. Mixed race ancestry will, in fact, be an asset politically. “It follows, there, that after the war is over, the American people will be compelled to apportion the great plantations of the South among their former slaves, who will have won the title by their valor in the field. They will be made not only land-holders, but citizens. They will be eligible to office; to all the rights now possessed wholly by the white race. We shall then, in contested elections, see how eager the white candidate for office will be to prove not only that he is the black man’s friend, but that he has black blood in his veins.” (The collection has another copy of this monograph annotated by Mr. Stone in volume 26 [no. 25].)