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Stone Collection: Volume 48 - Item 15
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 48

15. William E. Chandler, The National Election Laws, Their Repeal by the Democratic Party. Speech of Senator Chandler, in the United States Senate, February 5, 1894 (Concord, NH: n. p., 1894). (31 p.)

Speech in which the Senator from New Hampshire points out that African Americans boost Southern representation in the House by 43 seats as well as accounting for 43 presidential electors. Yet, “they are deprived of the privilege of being protected by the laws which protect the white people of the north and of the south. When accused of crime they are seized and subjected to mob violence. They are tortured; they are mutilated; they are coal-oiled, and burned; and this in a land of pretended civilization, this in a land which pretends to be Christianized.”