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Stone Collection: Volume 47 - Item 25
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 47

25. Frederick Frothingham, The Lord’s Freedman. A Discourse (New York: Wm. P. Tomlinson, 1868). (13 p.)

Anti-slavery essay based on a text from Corinthians I 7:22, “For he that is called, though a slave, is the Lord’s freedman.” The essay begins with these thoughts in reference to the text. “Here is Christianity’s trumpet-note of Freedom. The Lord’s freedman! Can he be the disciple’s slave?—Here is Christianity’s whole argument against slavery in a nut-shell. Before this faith. As before the angel in the prison-house, the dungeon doors must fly open and the bondman’s chains fall. In presence of such an utterance no man can say that Christianity and Slavery can co-exit.”