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Stone Collection: Volume 46 - Item 13
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 46

13. R. R. Gurley, Report of the Secretary of State Communicating the Report of the Rev. R. R. Gurley, Who Was Recently Sent Out by the Government to Obtain Information in Respect to Liberia, 31st Cong., 1st Sess., Senate Executive Document no. 75 ([Washington, DC]: n.p., [1850?]). (116 p.)

Report of a fact-finding trip to Liberia with the country’s constitution and supporting documentation appended. Among the items in appendix are detailed directions for sailing along the coast of Liberia. The report also contains six pictures of settlements along the Liberian coast. A large (20” x 24”) map of the Liberian coastline with soundings to guide vessels is tipped in inside the next to last page of the report. (The collection has another copy of this report in volume 72 [no. 9].)