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Stone Collection: Volume 44 - Item 7
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 44

7. [A. J. Gordon and Salmon P. Chase], Mr. Gordon’s Address [at a Testimonial of Gratitude to Salmon P. Chase, from the Colored People of Cincinnati] with Reply of Mr. Chase ([Cincinnati, OH?]: n.p. [1845?]). (35 p.) (The title page of this pamphlet is missing.)

Remarks by an African American thanking Salmon P. Chase for his work against the extension of slavery. Chase’s reply is also included. The immediate reason for the testimonial event was Chase’s participation in a case involving a slave, Samuel Watson, who had been taken into Ohio when the boat he and his master were traveling on tied up at Cincinnati. Watson took off, and his master argued that Watson was a fugitive slave, which meant that he could be seized and taken back to Arkansas, which is where the master lived. Chase argued that Watson was not a fugitive because he had accompanied his master to Cincinnati voluntarily. Once Watson landed in free territory (i.e., the Cincinnati side of the Ohio River), his master had no right to hold him. The judge agreed with Chase’s argument and set Watson free.