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Stone Collection: Volume 44 - Item 4
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 44

4. Committee, An Address to the Presbyterians of Kentucky, Proposing a Plan for the Instruction and Emancipation of Their Slaves (Cincinnati, OH: Taylor & Tracy, 1835). (58 p., last page[s] missing)

Dialogue on the moral and religious justification of slavery using a question-answer format. “We all admit, that the system of slavery, which exists among us, it not right. Why, then, do we assist in perpetuating it? Is it not, because our perception of its sinfulness is very feeble and indistinct; while our perception of the difficulties of instructing and emancipating our slaves is strong and clear? As long as we believe that slavery, as it exists among us, is a light evil in the sight of God, so long will we feel inclined to pronounce every plan, that can be devised for its termination, inexpedient and impracticable. Before, then, we unfold our plan, we wish to examine the system and try it by the principles which religion teaches. If it shall not be thus proved to be an abomination in the sight of a just and hold God, we shall not solicit your concurrence in any plan for its abolition. But if, when fairly examined, it shall be seen to be a thing which God abhors, we may surely expect that no trifling amount of trouble or loss will deter you from lending your efforts to its extermination.”