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Stone Collection: Volume 42 - Item 29
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 42

29. The Elements of Collegiate Success, as Brought Out in Recent Articles in the N. Y. Independent, and as Applied to Berea College, Kentucky (New York: D. D. Nicholson, 1872). (20 p.)

Funding-raising brochure for Berea College featuring an article from the Independent by E. H. Merrell entitled “How to Start a College.” The article is preceded by a historical sketch of the College and a preface by C. G. Fairchild. More than half of the pamphlet (11 pages) is devoted to an essay entitled “Berea College, Kentucky. Does It Possess the Elements of Collegiate Success?” in which Berea is evaluated in terms of the criteria set forth in Professor Merrell’s article. The last page of the pamphlet offers a financial statement, while the inside of the back cover (approximately one-third of which is missing) contains endorsements of Berea College by people like Henry Ward Beecher. The front cover of the pamphlet carries this text. How to Start a College; Or, Where Can Collegiate Investments Be Made which Shall Be “Permanent, Safe, and Profitable”.