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Stone Collection: Volume 42 - Item 23
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 42

23. J. M. Keating, The Southern Question (New York: American Missionary Association, [1889?]). (8 p.)

Address by a Southerner complimenting the American Missionary Association on its work and emphasizing the importance of education for the benefit of African Americans. “This work of education it is that lights up the otherwise dark horizon, and proves that, while brutes of both races indulge their savage propensity to murder, the mass of the white people of the South are doing their duty by the negro, and mean to pursue it. To educate and Christianize him, to lift him up, to train and fit him for the battle of life, to make him worthy of his freedom, to put tools in his hands, and educate him in their right use with facility—this is their duty, and this they plainly show by their work they understand to be their duty.”