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Stone Collection: Volume 42 - Item 2
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 42

2. M. H. Buckham, The Negro in the United States. An Address Delivered in Tremont Temple, before the American Missionary Association, May 29, 1878 (Boston: Beacon Press, [1878?]). (8 p.)

Address calling for a resolution of “the Negro question” through support of black churches and schools sponsored by the American Missionary Association. “As philanthropists, as Christians, we have now an opportunity, which may soon pass out of our reach, for influencing the whole future of the African race in America, and through them the native races of the African Continent. The negro knows who his true friends are. We have easy access to him when we go to set up schools and churches among his people. He knows that he needs help in doing this necessary work, and he will not take up with help others may offer until he despairs of us.” (The collection has other copies of this pamphlet in volumes 25 [no. 19] and 73 [no. 1].)