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Stone Collection: Volume 42 - Item 12
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Alfred H. Stone Collection
Volume: 42

12. A Fellow Citizen, “Is the North Right!” Or, a Word about Slavery and the Colored Race. Addressed to the People of Massachusetts (N.p., n.d.) (12 p.)

Defense of slavery with a recommendation that people in the North leave the Southern states alone. “If, then, the north desire peace, prosperity, and the ultimate improvement of the African race, it will leave the south to manage her own domestic institutions as shall best seem good in her own sight, while the north on its part, will scrupulously perform all its own obligations with fraternal fidelity. If, on the contrary, the free states in their frenzy and madness are, like the New York Tribune, determined on ultimate dissolution, they have only to make sectionalism their rule of action, and the work is done” (emphasis in original).